The selection of a surgeon is an important decision that should be made carefully after patients have fully educated and informed themselves of the surgeon’s qualifications, capabilities and track record. Successful outcomes and happy patients are the best measure of a surgeon’s capabilities.

Both Dr. Salloum and Dr. Wolf credit their history of consistently successful outcomes to their individualized, detailed and methodical approach to treating patients. The testimonials of the patients of Gabriel Salloum, M.D., and Aizik Wolf, M.D., speak for themselves.

“The lack of external physical symptoms visible to others creates a disconnect between patients suffering from migraines and their loved ones, as well as doctors. Before undergoing this procedure I had been experiencing migraine-like symptoms on a daily basis that had gotten progressively worse over the past 5 years. Not only was I unable to function in my capability as a student, but even more importantly, the migraines completely changed how I interacted with others around me. This procedure gave me my life back and gave me MYSELF back.”
– Ariel Wolf