Headache Treatment at the Surgical Migraine Clinic in Miami Beach, FL

End The Pain, Be Migraine Free

Nerve decompression surgery is an innovative, breakthrough procedure used to decompress nerves in the neck and head to relieve and reduce pain for people who have been clinically diagnosed with migraines.

Immediate Headache Relief, Lasting Results

Clinical migraines are a disabling condition affecting up to 37 million Americans. Up until now, migraines have been primarily managed by pharmacological treatment. As a result of recent breakthroughs in the medical field, patients now have access to surgical treatment that is over 90% effective in headache treatment, completely eliminating or significantly reducing migraine headaches. In addition, the treatment can decrease the need for oral medication which often has problematic side effects.

how miami headache treatments work

How Our Miami Headache Treatment Works

Headaches are often caused by peripheral nerves of the head and neck that become irritated, compressed or entrapped. By surgically removing muscle, fascia bands, small arteries or bone tunnels that are causing nerve constriction, the nerves are decompressed, reducing or eliminating migraines in affected patients.

Surgical relief is determined by the number of locations of compressed nerves, the number of migraine episodes and the degree of migraine intensity.

miami headache treatment consultation with doctor

Your Surgical Headache Treatment Consultation

During your consultation, you will meet with Dr. Gabriel Salloum and Dr. Aizik Wolf to discuss your medical history of migraines, your pain points and your goals. Migraine trigger points are determined by a chronicled discussion between you and our doctors. Based on this, the doctors can make an accurate determination on the efficacy of technical treatment. During the consultation the doctors will:
  • Discuss your treatment options – including BOTOX®, medical treatment and surgical procedures
  • Examine your face, head and neck area
  • Determine your trigger sites
  • Outline your treatment plan, completely individualized to address your medical needs
  • Answer any questions you may have
Our goal is for you to feel comfortable and excited about the relief this innovative procedure can provide, and we are here to help you through this process!

our miami headache treatment procedure

Understanding Our Migraine Headache Procedure

Nerve decompression surgery removes muscle tissue – tough tissue called fascia – and/or small arteries that constrict the nerves, giving the nerves more room (decompression) and improving or relieving migraines. The procedure is analogous to carpal tunnel surgery. None of the nerves are located within the brain. They are peripheral nerves that have already exited the brain and central nervous system.

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