A Surgical Solution for Migraine Treatment In Miami

A Breakthrough in Migraine Treatment

Clinical migraines are a disabling condition that up until now have been primarily managed by pharmacological treatment. As a result of recent breakthroughs in the medical field, patients now have access to surgical treatment that is over 90% effective in the treatment of migraines, completely eliminating or significantly reducing migraine headaches.

How it works

About Migraines

Migraine headaches are often inadequately treated by existing medical therapies, resulting in a population of patients with significant residual disability. Interestingly, migraines predominantly affect women (18% women versus 6% men), with a cumulative lifetime risk of 43% in women and 18% in men, most before the age of 35.

Where Science and Aesthetics

How it Surgical Migraine Treatment Works

Surgical treatment of migraines involves operative decompression of trigger sites. Trigger sites are comprised of peripheral nerves of the head and neck that are irritated, compressed or entrapped. By surgically removing muscle, fascia bands, small arteries or bone tunnels that are causing the nerves to constrict, the nerves are decompressed, reducing or eliminating migraines in affected patients. There are multiple common trigger points that lead to migraine headaches.


Understanding Your Migraine Treatment Procedure

The surgical treatment is determined on the number of locations of compressed nerves or trigger sites. It it typically performed under general anesthetic on an outpatient basis. The effects of the treatment can be felt immediately and there are typically minimal side effects.

Do I Qualify For Migraine Treatment Procedure in Miami?

In order to determine the areas of discomfort – trigger sites – caused by nerve compression and to determine surgical efficacy, our doctors may use BOTOX® or anesthetic injections. By doing this, we are able to determine if surgery is the best course of treatment and tailor it to your specific needs.

What to Know About Miami’s #1 Migraine Headache Treatment Center


Typically, patients are selected after having a confirmed diagnosis of migraine headaches or chronic daily headaches. This selection is done by a neurologist and after failure of conservative medical treatment. If you are suffering from chronic migraines you may be eligible for surgical migraine relief.


Surgical migraine relief is determined by a personalized treatment plan based on specific trigger sites. The cost of surgery will depend on the complexity of your case and the number of trigger sites that need to be treated.


Depending on your medical insurance provider, insurance may cover at the minimum, a large portion of the surgical cost. In many cases, the entire cost of the procedure can be covered. In the event that coverage is denied or unavailable, please contact our Miami office to discuss your options.

Meet Your Miami Migraine Experts

The team at the Surgical Migraine Clinic is comprised of three leading medical practitioners in their field. Dr. Aizik Wolf is one of the world’s leading authorities in neurosurgery and has been in practice for over 35 years. Dr. Gabriel Salloum is a double board certified surgeon and one of the finest talents in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Steven Resnick is a leading neurologist who specializes in the treatment of migraines.

Dr. Aizik L. Wolf, M.D. 

Dr. Gabriel E. Salloum

Migraine Testimonials

“Before undergoing htis procedure I had been experiencing migraine-like symptoms on a daily basis. These had gotten progressively worse over time. The migraines copmletely changed how I interacted with others around me. This procedure gave me my life back and gave me MYSELF back.”

-Ariel Wolf

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